Xuite is no longer sweet?

要嚐 Xuite 的甜頭前,先細讀一下這幾則不平等條款這篇文章裡面,點出了 Xuite 的使用者條款不合理的地方。其中居然有箝制言論自由的這一點:

8. 特別同意事項


這實在太誇張啦…@_@ 居然不能寫 Blog 來批評贊助 Xuite 的廠商,那也就是說不能批評 Hinet 的各項政策囉? 這打死我都不用它的服務…


12.3 您於討論區所公開提供之任何概念、觀念、專門技術或技藝,Xuite日誌具有不限任何目的自由使用之權利。


In this article (written in Traditional Chinese), the author pointed out the irrationalness in the user agreement of Xuite. There is a term which restricts the freedom of speech: (Translated from Chinese)

8. Special Agreement:
The members agree that you won’t use the service provided by Xuite to damify, contravene, or attack the owners of advertisement and sponsors supporting Xuite.

It is too terrible. We can not write Blogs to criticize sponsors supporting Xuite, therefore we can not criticize any policy or decision of Hinet, which is the largest sponsor of Xuite and the largest ISP in Taiwan.

Another term:

12.3 Any conception, perception, technology, and special technique you published in the forum, Xuite may use them freely for any purpose.

In the agreement, it also mentioned that Xuite will not responsible to users if the network or storage failed. It is acceptable. We can not forget to back up when we use any type of service provided in the Internet.

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